Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shared a Stage with Ian Faith

Last night, I was in a Moth show at an unusual venue, in front of an unusual crowd. The Moth was hired by a large real estate company that shall remain nameless but which is the very same large real estate company that I've blogged about in the past (an amazing coincidence, until you realize that they control every property in the world*) to entertain their own people, while celebrating a new super luxury mid-rise in historic Greenwich Village, called One Jackson Square, a nifty scale model of which was displayed in the bar-area of the lovely venue, the Manhattan Penthouse (whose website is one of the worst I've ever seen).

Given the crowd and the nature of the show, the theme was West Village Stories. I was tapped to tell a story I'd told once before, many years ago. One of the other storytellers in the show, was one Tony Hendra, who played Ian Faith, the manager of the band Spinal Tap, in the movie "This is Spinal Tap," one of my favorite movies growing up, and probably still. So that was kind of a crazy. By which I mean awesome. By which I don't mean "large and inspiring fear."

Also fun was that the show was co-hosted by Amy Sedaris and Andy Borowitz who were both hilarious. Going way beyond the call of duty, Amy baked 300 cupcakes for the audience, and stuck little ghost and witch and pumpkin, um, things, into them.

Next time: bikes. Definitely. Got lots to say on the sbject.

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