Friday, April 10, 2009

Thought of the Day

Here's how it all boils down:

The more we merge with what we create (products, fashions, entertainment distractions, etc.) the more stressed out and sick we become, on the individual, societal and environmental levels. The more we merge with that which creates us (each other, nature, a higher power/spiritual realm) the happier and healthier we become, on the individual, societal and environmental levels.

Enjoy your day!

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kanyixin said...

I really like that. It gives me an image of creating with my hands then letting go... then putting my hands up above my head and connecting with whatever created me.

I wonder if I could draw that. I'll use it as a moving meditation - I'll make up a qigong exercise for it. :)
It also reminds me of thinking of ourselves as hollow conduits of Nature or the workings of the Universe or whatever... letting it flow through you to create (or do, or say, or heal, etc) but what you create does not belong to you, you're just the hands.

We're all tools after all, hehe...

Hey, I wrote to you elsewhere recently as KAWDZ; that's how I found this blog. I've been having a lot of fun and getting a lot of good reminders from it, especially the ayahuasca videos in the "old blog". Super-interesting stuff. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel immersed and left wanting more.... but off to bed for now!