Sunday, July 13, 2008

all things in moderation

Partied all night last night.

Body not super thrilled about it today. Gonna be a short post.

Tried to go out NOT drinking. Only had club soda at Margulies' place. Only had club soda at the bar. Only had a half a cup of coffee at the first loft. Found second loft overrun with very gorgeous women from all over the world. Started immediately drinking gin. But no cups or glasses so I ended up drinking out of the glass cover of a light-fixture. Yeah... I'm really good at the whole "not drinking" thing.

Only slept about two hours.

I know I neglected this blog yesterday, and to my legions of loyal fans out there I apologize with every grandiose fiber of my being, but I'm in no position to really make it up to you today either, what with my brain not all um... working good. Um... yeah. Not brain's fault.

I think my fridge doesn't keep things cold enough. What are the odds that my landlord will replace/fix it?


Brain hurting. I'm going to forage for food now.

Sorry for the lameness.

hope you had fun this weekend too.

bye for now

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