Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Former President Bill Clinton

A co-worker had an extra ticket to see Bill Clinton speak at Radio City Music Hall last night, so I went along. It was kinda fun. I mean, on the political spectrum I fall somewhere to the left of Karl Marx, so I find mainstream politics a bit uninspired most of the time. And Bill is obviously totally mainstream. But given the 8-year slide we've been on, Clinton comes off as a lot more radical by comparison to the current order of things. He's not actually radical in the absolute, but in our world it's all relative. Anyway, I went into the evening with low expectations to prevent myself from being disappointed. Everything Clinton said was pretty obvious, but it was definitely nice to be reminded that the President of the United States used to be someone you could count on to have a brain in his head, and speak with eloquence and expertise on a wide range of topics. And I gotta say, on balance, Clinton was a good president who managed to get a lot of decent things done even working within a system as broken as ours (though it's obviously a bit worse now). So, thanks for that, Bill.

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