Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Musings

- If I were king of New York, there'd be way more bike racks.

- Recently met a woman who writes about business and economics, but is also a skilled palm reader. Encountering anyone with this rare combination of abilities merits a blog entry on its own. But she read my palm and it was shockingly accurate. We were at a very lively casual little cocktail party (in her home) and I wasn't expecting to be presented with so much deep truth about myself. The part I remember most clearly was that in another life, I probably would've been more conventional, because I am a person who actually likes order and structure, but that due to an exquisite sensitivity (her unfortunate -- though eloquent -- words) I forced myself onto a much less conventional path. (Afterward, when I told her I'd dropped out of high school, she seemed gleefully impressed at how dead-on her own reading had been.) She also said I needed to get out of my head more, though she said it in much more refined language. I think the implication was that I'd get laid more if I went back to thinking with my balls (or my heart -- sniff).

- Lately, I've been finding myself attracted to married women. Not just because I've become a sick bastard who only wants what can't or shouldn't be had, but rather because married women aren't trying. They're just more at ease, more confident, and more genuine in their interactions with you, and that vibe is so much hotter than what I encounter in the single women out there. This is a problem. If I don't let go of this, I'm gonna be alone for a long time. Unless I meet some real hip swingers. Make ourselves a nice wobbly 'H'.

- I'm toying with the idea of getting a new digital camera. If this blog starts filling up with photographs, you'll know that I went through with the purchase. But I've been to B&H recently (it's on my ride home from work) and the camera selection is a veritable diner-menu of frustrating excess. So this may take a while.

- Maybe I should offer my services as a video shooter to the married couples out there, if they want to spice it up in the bedroom by making some high-quality personal pornos. I mean, there's only so much you can do in bed when you're holding the camera yourself. And some people get off on being observed. Freaks.

- I think I have psychic intestines. I start farting BEFORE I eat something that will give me gas. Is that possible?

- I read in a book about Vedic spirituality that if you always tell the truth, you eventually come to embody the vibration of truth and gain the ability to make things come true with your words. So, if you're a pessimist, you should probably lie from time to time. Just to be safe.

- Based on my mention of the book "All the Shah's Men" in a previous post, my friend Justine suggested I write up a little book-recommendation list. I will happily do that as soon as I read some more books. Look for it soon. If you, like, y'know, know how to read and all.

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