Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm on it...

It has come to my attention that regular readers of this blog are dissatisfied with the frequency of new posts. This is amazingly fantastic on two levels... First: there are regular readers of this blog! Second: they want more blog to read!

Therefore, I solemnly vow to update this craziness once a day for the next month, even if it means waking up an extra hour early and typing barely coherent ramblings about the dream I just woke up from.

Or maybe I'll just make shit up.

Like this: Did you know that 84% of American heterosexual males have stuck it into a vacuum cleaner hose at one time or another? See? I just made that up. The real figure is probably higher.

Today, I'm going to be in a pro-tools session all day, putting an English-language voice-over soundtrack onto a Japanese-produced documentary about the last indigenous tribe of seafaring nomads left in the world (so if you call you'll have to leave a message). They call themselves the "Moken" which means "divers" and they have super-human eyesight under water. Like, we consider 20/20 vision to be "perfect" and bad vision would be like 20/100 (you can see at 20 feet what a normal person can see at 100 feet). But visual acuity among the Moken has been recorded as high as 180/20 (they can see at 180 feet what we consider a normal healthy person to be able to see clearly at 20 feet). So... clearly, we don't know shit about what's "healthy" or "normal".

And they swim better than we do.

Okay, more tomorrow. And every day from here on out!

(Maybe, by the end of the month of updating this every single day, the habit will be so ingrained that I'll keep right on going!)

(Or maybe, by then I'll have typed every word I know and no new experiences will have happened to me because of all the time I spend inside writing to you people and I'll have to put myself into some totally insane situation just to drum up more fodder for your insatiable reading appetites damn you!! Fortunately, by then, Burning Man will be rolling around.)




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